10 Cartoon Bento Box Creations That Are Almost Too Adorable To Eat 


Would you eat Poh from Kung Fu panda? What about Pooh from Winne and the Pooh? No? Maybe after seeing these bento boxes, you’ll change your mind. Before you feast your eyes on Mike Kravanis’ bento creations, allow us to give you a little background on bento. Bento is the Japanese term for meal for one person that is packed in a lunch box. And, to make lunches more fun the chefs behind bento boxes sometimes arrange the food in the boxes in ‘kyraben’, where food is arranged in the form of cartoon characters or ‘oekakiben’, where food is arranged to look like people, buildings or monuments. 

After a trip to Japan, Kravanis was inspired by this Japanese practice and started creating his very own kyraben styled bento boxes. Here are some of our favourites. 

1) Poh in the Forest

Here we see Poh in the forest of his ancestors. Of course, he’d be more at home in his adoptive father’s soup shop, but this works too!

2) Stitch from Lilo and Stich 


It’s been some ten years, and we still can’t get over the movie. This box takes us back to our carefree childhood days! 

3) Santa

It’s not Christmas, but since Santa comes bearing gifts he’s always welcome.

4) Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Japanese love eating fish, but we don’t know how happy we’d be about eating this little guy! 

5) The evil stepmother from Snow White

She appears to be brewing a soup of peas in her cauldron. Not as threatening as an apple, is it?

6) Shere Khan from The Jungle Book 

We hope that this is the only tiger you’ll ever be eating. 

7) Eyore from Winnie and the Pooh 

Why’s he so sad? Maybe he knows he’s about to be eaten. 

8) Smurf Mutation? 

We’re not sure what this one is, but it’s adorable. And look – he’s enjoying his own little snack

9) Puppy

This puppy is talking to you. It’s saying “save me from this bed of spinach!” 

10) Olaf from Frozen 

Olaf would be happy whether he’s melting into a puddle, or even if he’s being eaten. He’s just a very happy snowman. 

Have these taken you down memory lane or just made you hungry? Either way follow Mike on Instagram – he’s guaranteed to keep you entertained!