10 Breads that sound like swear words

A lot of thought has gone into making these names what they are. So here we are, Bread names that really took the cake. Read out loud. 

1.Balep korkun- Tibet

image bread 1

2.Massa Sovada -Portugal

 image bread 2

3.Aish Merahrah- Egypt

 image bread 3

4.Barmbrack- Ireland

 image bread 4

5.Bublik- Poland

 image bread 5

6.Coppia Ferrarese- Italy

 image bread 6

7.Farl- Scotland

 image bread 7

8.Flatkaka- Iceland

 image bread 8

9.Fougasse- France

 image bread 9

10.Pistolet – Belgium

 image bread 10