10 Brain Foods To Boost Your Concentration And Memory This Exam Season

Brain food resembling a brain.

Exam season is upon us and students everywhere are settling down with books and practice papers. From my exam days, I remember one of the hardest things to do was stay focused while studying – there were just so many distractions! To help matters, we’ve put together a list of foods which can help concentration and memory. Good luck!


The benefits of avocados are being rhapsodied about everywhere, and with good reason. Avocados contain generous amounts of vitamin K and folate which help improve cognitive function.


Blueberries contain gallic acid and antioxidants which can reduce stress and improve focus.

Green Tea

Along with avocados, no one can stop talking about green tea. It’s a healthier alternative to coffee and tea as it contains caffeine but also l’theanine which causes the caffeine to be released more slowly.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate (go for a bar with at least 70% cocoa or more) improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure which will help you keep calm and improve the flow of blood to your brain.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, especially the extra-virgin kind, is packed with polyphenols which can improve learning and memory and maintain overall brain health.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are a generally accepted super food which have high levels of magnesium, Vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids which help better focus.


Like flax seeds, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which enhance focus and can even improve ADHD.


There’s a reason your parents and grandparents keep your house well stocked with bad, or almonds. They’re nutrient powerhouses with antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils and amino acids which can boost memory and focus.

Spinach, Kale And Lettuce

You should always eat your greens. In this case, it’s because green leadf vegetables contain antioxidants and carotenoids and vitamin which work towards overall brain health.

Sage And Rosemary

Both these herbs have been associated with improving concentration and memory.


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