10 Best Indian Easy Snack Recipes

1.Chatpata Paneer Snack Recipe 

This chatpata paneer snack tastes a bit like a satay, it tastes a bit like chaat, it is a confusing yet refreshing flavour that will tickle your taste buds pink! crisp-fried paneer is rolled in a tangy masala mix and served on tooth-picks, to the delight of all.

2.Paleo Key Lime Coconut Snack Recipe

Yummy coconut key lime bites for a quick refrigerator trip.

3.Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

A fluffy, flavoured and yummy form of appam.

4.Parmesan Chickpeas Recipe

Garlicky, parmesan drizzled on chickpeas to give them that roasted cheese flavour. Absolutely addictive.

5.Vanilla Popcorn Recipe

For variety, substitute almond extract or maple flavoring or add nuts for extra crunch.

6.Methi Pakora Recipe

A healthy and tasty methi pakoda is an indian snack recipe with methi leaves cut and then mixed with gram flour or besan. The methi pakoras are crispy and also rich in the goodness of methi leaves.

7.Khandvi Recipe

Soft and smooth, light and spicy- the Khandvi will slide itself off the plate and just, slide all the way. (dramatic pause)

8.Khaman Dhokla Recipe

A steamed, spiced, savory gram flour cake.

9.Dal Vada Recipe

You will love the exciting crispness of these delectable Dal Vadas. Made with a coarse paste of soaked chana dal perked up with onions, ginger paste and the whole traditional team of flavour enhancers, these vadas have a unique, rustic texture and warm, hearty flavour that will strike a chord with most people.Take care to deep-fry these vadas on a medium flame. Otherwise, they will quickly turn brown outside before they get cooked inside.These deep fried vadas are sure to satiate you in a tasteful way, have them for Evening Tea Snacks accompained with green chutney or Tomato Coconut Chutney.

10.Thattai Recipe

Thattai is a authentic and traditional South Indian crispy snack. We make thattai for many festivals like Krishna Jayanthi or even for a regular evening snack.