June 19, 2017

15 Best Ever Indian Easy Egg Recipes

1.Egg Omelette Recipe


Eggs are one of the most complete, naturally produced foods containing many essential nutrients for a balanced diet for adults and children alike.

2.Egg Roast Recipe


Egg roast is a simplest egg recipe in which boiled and peeled eggs are nicely roasted in onion tomato masala gravy.

3.Egg Bhurji Masala


Easy Egg Bhurji Recipe with cheese is nothing but scrambled eggs with cheese. A very popular fast food in Mumbai.This dish is one of the most sought and favorite in our house during weekends with toasted bread and tea.

4. Egg Dum Biryani Recipe


Hyderabadi Egg Biryani is an authentic dum biryani recipe in hyderabadi style made using eggs. Biryani is a special rice delicacy in India and it is mostly popular in Hyderabad.An easy style egg dum biryani for those who would love to stay away from eating mutton and chicken main dishes like special biryanis.

5.Egg Bonda Recipe


Delicious fried eggs just in time for winter!

6.Punjabi Egg Curry Recipe


Punjabi egg curry recipe, made in dhaba style is exceptionally good when you are not in a mood to cook something elaborate but wish to make quick delicious food. It can be served with roti, plain paratha or flavored rice like jeera rice, biryani rice, pulao, coconut rice, coconut milk rice or any biryani varieties.



Scotch eggs are the ultimate all-in-one snack, delicious on their own or served with a spoonful of chutney. The black pudding and grated apple work really well together and take this simple picnic food to another level. Make sure you use flaky panko breadcrumbs as this is the secret of a lovely crispy golden coating.

8. Hot Garlic Eggs Recipe


Eggs cooked with plenty of garlic make a delicious dish.


Egg Pepper Fry or Muttai Milagu Varuval recipe is easy,spicy pepper masala made with simple ingredients and makes best side dish with simple pulao, rice variety or paratha.

10.Egg Pulav Recipe


Egg Pulav recipe is an ultimate meal to be enjoyed with family on weekends. If you want the pulav to be more or less spicy adjust the hotness accordingly. Egg Pulav can be cooked in a jiffy when you have sudden guest at home for a meal.

11.Chettinad Egg Curry Recipe


A savourful South Indian Chettinad Egg Curry is a main dish recipe which can be served with hot rice or any indian bread.

12.Egg Vindaloo Recipe


Egg vindaloo recipe An easy to make goan egg curry and can please anyone who likes to have eggs in a sweet, sour and very hot curry.

13.Egg Kalaki Recipe


Kalaki is a type of South Indian omelet that is mostly served in Parotta stalls. This Omelet recipe is so similar to the regular one and yet so different that !!

14.Egg Dosa Recipe


Mutta dosa / Egg dosa – a healthy, tasty and food which is rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

15.Egg Samosa Recipe


Egg Samosa is a eggy twist on the regular potato samosa. The filling is spicy egg scramble and the crust is perfectly crispy and crunchy.

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