10 Best Hangover Cures That You Can Always Rely On

10 best hangover cures

The weekend is here and in the enthusiasm you’ve had way too many shots than you intended. We’ve all been there. So let’s keep a few awesome foods handy in our kitchen, no not cold pizza, we’re talking about those that’ll set you right when you feel hungover. Here’s our list of 10 best hangover cures and you’re welcome.

Herbal Tea

Not the fancy one, you can make this brew at home and all you need is tea leaves, ginger and a squeeze of lemon once your cuppa is ready. Ginger lemon tea is the ultimate hangover cure and will make you feeling good in no time. Ginger takes care of nausea and will also reduce inflammation and lemon on the other hand soothes nerves as they are packed with vitamin C and potassium.

Coconut Water

Instead of getting a sugar rush from eating a chocolate right in the morning, sip on a chilled glass of coconut water. It will satiate your sugar craving, fill you with energy and give you a potassium high that’ll pull you out of that hangover in no time.


We recommend sunny side up as the yolks is what is going to help you the most as they are packed with vitamin D, calcium and acetylcholine that’ll get your brain working faster. So binge on a hearty breakfast of eggs!


We’re stressing a lot on potassium rich foods as alcohol brings it down so to boost it you should always look for foods which will bring it up again. And so you can have avocado in a hangover as it is jam-packed with fiber, vitamin B6 and carotenoids. This amazing fruit is super-healthy and will cure you in no time.


Keep the dried version in your fridge and you’re all set to cure the hangover as this will curb your need for eating something sugary and will boost potassium levels in the body.


Beets are full of nitric oxide that helps in increasing blood and oxygen flow in the body and brings the blood pressure to normal. It builds stamina that is much needed after a night of boozing and partying and fills you up with potassium, fiber, folate and vitamin C.


Drinking alcohol can make you feel weak and light headed which may also happen if your body lacks B-complex vitamins. Regular intake of salmon or even during a hangover will make you feel good.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a tad sweeter and healthier than potatoes, so refrain from the fried potatoes that you might crave during a hangover. Not only this, sweet potatoes brings up the sugar level but the molecules break down slowly in the lever so that the rise in sugar levels is slow-paced. Packed with dietary fiber, potassium, beta-carotene, and B vitamins, sweet potatoes are your best bet for a hangover cure.


If you feel that your body has a lot of muscle spasms, cramps and irregular heartbeats especially when you consume alcohol or even feel anxious for that matter, you lack magnesium. Plus alcohol reduces it further so do have some cooked beans to boost magnesium and add B vitamins, calcium and vitamin D as well to your system.


Delve into sauteed Broccoli or have some soup made out of it as it is the best cure for the lethargy, inflammation and fatigue caused by alcohol. This super-food will nourish you with folate, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K.