10 Best Christmas Party Recipes


Christmas is almost here and everyone is gearing up to celebrate the big day, followed by New Year’s Eve. ‘Tis the season to make merry; it is the time to feast on delectable cuisines along with family and friends.

If you’re throwing a celebration this holiday season, Look at these 10 Best Christmas Party Recipes!

1.Irish Stew recipe


Irish stew is traditionally made with lamb or goat neck meat and root vegetables as well as onions, carrots and parsley. True to tradition, this stew is made with lamb neck meat, potatoes and a variety of vegetables. It’s lightly seasoned with herbs and salt and pepper. Serve the stew as a part of your St Patrick’s Day lunch with rice.

2.Prime Rib


“Delicious coating on outside of roast, and perfect roasting time. Plan on 1 pound per person.”

3.Bacon Wrapped Sausage Recipe


A sweet and savory sauce coats mini baconwrapped sausages. It’s a crowd-pleasing snack!

4. Lobster Recipe


Lobsters are a popular gourmet seafood all over the world. Generally, they are prepared using a minimal amount of spices and techniques so as to let the meat shine through.This recipe puts an Indian twist on fried lobsters by marinating the lobsters in a subtle masala paste made using whole spices and spice powders.Serve this lobster dish as an appetiser or as a main course along with naans, rotis or steamed rice.

5.Turkey Tenderloins Recipe


A simple yet festive main dish. If you’re not up to the task of roasting a turkey this dish is for you. Serve with Cranberry Chutney.

6.Lasagna Recipe


This easy lasagna recipe has turned lasagna-haters into fans. It is a simple meat lasagna recipe with simple ingredients. You’ll want to make a double batch!

7.Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake Recipe


Pumpkin gingerbread is a beautifully-textured loaf cake made extra moist with pumpkin puree and molasses

8.FRIENDS Monica’s Candy Recipe


In FRIENDS, there’s one episode when Monica, in an attempt to get to know her neighbours better, cooks up a batch of Christmas candy. They absolutely love it and Monica goes a little crazy trying to keep up with their demands. Here’s a recipe inspired by her candy.

9.Chocolate Fruit Cake Recipe


 Change up the fruit cake this year by giving it a rich chocolate flavor. Spreading chocolate ganache over the cake completes the transformation.

10.Chile Beef Wraps Recipe


Great food doesn’t have to be complex, as these simple beef wraps show. They are really quick to make and are perfect with a few beers at the start of the evening. It’s really important to get a good color on the ground beef. Be bold and take it further than you’ve ever dared before.


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