10 Best Alcohol Brands in India
August 10, 2017
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10 Best Alcohol Brands in India


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Established in 2006, this brand has red, white and rose wines in its collection; which varies from Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Zinfandel. A winner of several awards, Four Seasons wines is perfect for any formal occasions.


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This wine brand also has Champagnes in its collection; in addition, to several types of white, red and rose wines. This brand is also the leader in Indian wine industry; with over 70% market share.


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Described by many whiskey aficionados as ‘smooth and smoky’, this is sure to be on any whiskey loving Indian’s list. Offering the smoothness of a fine scotch and yet friendly on the pocket, Blender’s Pride is one of the top selling whiskeys in the country.


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This blend of Scotch and Indian malts became the first whiskey in the country to cross the 1 million cases sales mark in a year; in 2004. With a rustic grainy flavor, this goes down well with some nice kebabs.


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Being easily recognized by the iconic stag logo, Royal Stag, is the third most selling whiskey in the country.


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Light on the pocket while high on the kick! Officer’s choice is actually the everyman’s choice. That’s why it is the largest selling whiskey in the world!


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With affordable Whiskey, Rum and Brandy under its banner, McDowells No. 1 is the largest selling umbrella spirits brand in the world!


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Again, very light on the pocket; this Brandy is perfect for a cold night. Just have a peg of this with some warm water and feel the magic!


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With a light malty aroma and a hint of a smooth woody character, owing to the use of malt spirits specifically matured in pre-identified American oak casks; this Indian whiskey is one of the oldest ones around.


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With its beautiful blue bottle, Antiquity has been a favorite of whiskey lovers for almost a quarter of a century now. It is one of the most sought after whiskey brands in the country.

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