10 Beer Based Party Pick-Me-Ups

Who loves beer? We do! This brewed delight holds a very special place in our hearts and we’re certain it does in yours, too. People all over the world love and enjoy beer and there’s no doubt that this is a favourite for all. Beer makes a great drink for parties, celebrations, a friends’ night out (or in!) and even when you’re by yourself and just want to chill. So, does a nice cold beer sound inviting? But of course, you might want to snack on something delicious too. So, how about some awesome beer based party starters for your next party?


1. Beer & Butter Hot Chicken Thighs

Here is an awesome recipe for chicken thighs grilled in a sauce made from beer, butter, onion, garlic and pepper. It’s quite easy to make and is perfect for barbecue lovers especially if you’re having a barbecue party. The beer based sauce makes this grilled chicken dish a real winner!


2. Cole Slaw with Beer Dressing

Cole slaw! The side we love and enjoy on pretty much anything, even by itself! This is a fantastic recipe for cole slaw with beer dressing that you are sure to enjoy! Plus, it’s super easy once you’ve got your ingredients prepped and ready so go ahead and give this one a try!


3. Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Ah, the classic fish and chips. This is a dish that is loved by all and has been savoured for generations. Ever thought about what’s like with a little twist of beer? Try this recipe for some light & crispy beer battered fish and chips.


4. Kentucky Beer Cheese

Here’s a recipe for an addicting spicy cheddar and beer spread. Tastes so good, and goes great with fried finger foods, veggies and crackers! This one will have your guests going “cheese” at your next party.


5. Beer Battered Onion Rings

These crisp and golden onion rings are a real treat. Enjoy this delightful snack with beer batter that makes onion rings more awesome than ever!


6. Beer, Butter & Bratwurst

Sausages cooked with beer. Now, that’s a dish! This recipe shows you how to make some amazing sausages with beer, butter, and onions. Get ready to feast on this!


7. Beer Battered Zucchini

You will love this scrumptious recipe that shows you how to make beer battered zucchini. It’s a deep-fried delight that you do not want to miss so gather some zucchini, your favourite beer, and get frying!


8. Grilled Beer Wings

This video shows you how to make some fantastic grilled chicken wings with beer! It is truly a combination of two awesome things which are chicken wings and beer. Enjoy chicken wings with a twist, and maybe even have a mug of beer to go with it.


9. Beer Battered Mini Corn Dogs

Mini corn dogs with a delicious beer batter make a perfect appetizer for any great party! You can serve this with mustard, ketchup or mayo.


10. Beer Battered Shrimp & Jalapeno Tartar Sauce

What’s not to love about beer battered shrimp? This beer battered shrimp appetizer is perfect for parties and makes a great snack especially when served with the delicious jalapeno tartar sauce.