10 Apps You Must Be Acquainted With If You Are a Food Lover Living in India

We are a generation that’s constantly innovating the way things are done and walking towards a time when a click of a button does everything for us. Indeed, we’re the ones who’ve taken Bill Gates’ words “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because, he will find an easy way to do it” very seriously. We have apps for shopping clothes, groceries, home décor, laundry and hey, apps for food delivery too!

From pizzas to momos, cakes and salads, creative techies in India have come up with apps for delivering almost everything between New York cheesecakes and Achari tikkas to Rasam rice. So if you’re a person who lives life mostly to give in to gastronomical cravings from morning to midnight, here are 10 apps to satiate your taste buds. What’s more, you can also grab awesome deals by using food coupons at CashKaro.com for binging without splurging!

  1. Nearbuy

The app that gathers information on food fests, pub crawls and new restaurants in town will surely find a place in your phone if you are a person always looking for new places to eat. Nearbuy navigates through your city with the same fervour with which you search food around your home. With Nearbuy in your phone, you’re just a few blocks away from experiencing culinary masterpieces straight from a pan.

  1. Swiggy

Swiggy is a food delivery service provider that connects you with takeaway places near you. Swiggy stands out because of the quickest delivery times and its easy to manoeuvre the app interface even for first-time users. What surprises the most is the accuracy with which the order status is displayed, which provides enough reason as to why Swiggy is the go-to app for most college people, workaholics and couch potatoes.

  1. Ketchupp

A food delivery app with a twist, Ketchupp tells you about the best dishes available at eat-outs near you – the coolest cheesecake from Glen’s Bakehouse, Indiranagar or the exotic Thai curries from Tim Thai, Koramangala etc. So if you’re bored of the regular pizza orders and want to move past burgers and fries, Ketchupp is the app you should definitely give a try.

  1. FreshMenu

The app for a foodie who is looking for lip-smacking food experiences, even while on a diet. FreshMenu has the culinary delights fitness freaks and dieting maniacs look for. Calorie counted salads, wheat-base multigrain pizzas, oatmeal + fruit desserts and minimally sugared ganaches, FreshMenu ensures that you eat fresh ‘n healthy food always.

  1. Innerchef

This app brings to your doorstep culinary exquisiteness from the streets of Europe with sprinkles of pan-Asian delights. Innerchef is the go-to app for folks well versed with cooking but lazy to gather raw materials to feed themselves. The other factor that sets Innerchef apart is its delicate care in packaging food, which brightens up even the most demented soul after a long day.

  1. Faasos

Faasos is the name you would know if you’re a wraps and rolls fan – chicken wraps, paneer wraps, exotic veggie wraps and surprisingly yummilicious rice-meals, Faasos smells like an Indian restaurant packed with cheese and Mediterranean herbs. Faasos even provides healthy alternatives to high carb wraps in the form of wheat grain parathas and non-soda beverages. The best part is that Faasos serves even between 11 PM to 4 AM, which means you are never out of delicious food in your life. Just add up your Faasos credits to keep your wallet and your diet happy.

  1. Dunzo


Dunzo will do anything for you, starting from picking up breakfast at a CCD to fix a table for you at any restaurant in your vicinity, primarily in Bangalore. Another instance is if you are having friends over and you can’t figure out all the things to order, the magically swift Dunzo will turn up at your home in 30 minutes and change your home into the hottest party destination in the neighbourhood.

  1. Scootsy


Scootsy is the app that shows up when everything else fails, it reaches out the best places for the food cravings you have and delivers them to you in the most beautiful ways possible. Scootsy prides are the scooty-driving executives who deliver everything from wine to cheesecake and that too, from the top rated eateries in town. With Scootsy in your phone, surprise dates, midnight snack parties and emergency gifts will find beautiful answers.

  1. Zomato


You must be an old domesticated uncle if you don’t know about Zomato, the app that started its journey with restaurant reviews and found a place in our phones for everything that spelt food. Zomato finds the nearest restaurants from where you can order the cuisine of your choice, or make table reservations at your favourite restaurant a matter of 2-3 clicks.

  1. Foodpanda


One of the first unicorns that braced the idea of food delivery has remained as the food app of choice for our generation of workaholics who believe in minimal commotion and maximum results. FoodPanda’s list of restaurants deliver all kinds of popular culinary delights like bland chicken salads, kebabs, Indian sweets and barbequed chicken steak with the same amount of love.

With these apps in your phone, living without a kitchen seems like a possible reality!