10 Andhra Style Recipes For Ravishing Meals

Food is vital to the Indian household, or for that matter any household that plans on a long and healthy survival. But let’s put it this way, great food is vital to the Indian household. And it doesn’t really come as a surprise, given the rich and deep-rooted ethnic histories of Indian states and provinces. One such culturally well-endowed region is Andhra (which is now Andhra and Telangana). The state(s) has given us a plethora of delicious recipes, foods, and culinary techniques. To give you a trailer of the culinary prowess of Andhra, we’ve curated a list of recipes for you to try out. Here are 10 of the best recipes from the region.

1.Majestic Chicken

A delicious and flavorsome chicken dish, this street special recipe is for the spice loving folk.


2.Gongura Rice

A very traditional recipe, the gongura rice offers great taste as well as a rich supply of vitamins, iron, and anti-oxidants that stems from the gongura leaves.


3.Bhuna Gosht

This dry mutton preparation gorgeously brings out the flavor of the meat as well as the spices that it is roasted with.



This is a sweet dish made mostly on festivals and auspicious occasions to offer as prasadam to the gods, especially during Ram Navami. But it can also double up an excellent dessert.


5.Paruppu Podi

Try this quick and simple Andhra-style Paruppu Podi for when you want to keep your meals fuss-free yet finger licking awesome!garlic-paruppu-podi-recipe


Pulihora or tamarind rice settles well with rice lovers, as it is an excellent way of jazzing up your rice with just a few spices, some tamarind and a dash of lemon.


7.Prawn Curry

The prawn curry needs no introduction. Add to that delicious amounts of Andhra spices, and you’ve got yourself a palatable dish to go with rice and papadam.Prawn Curry Recipe

8.Vangi Bath

Although, an original from Karnataka, the vangi bhaat (or vangi bath) finds an equally – if not more – yummy variation in Andhra.


9.Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao

Yes, yes, we know, Hyderabad isn’t technically Andhra anymore because it is now the capital city of the newly formed state Telangana. But that doesn’t make the Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao any less of an Andhra recipe, does it?


10.Chicken Pickle

And just a little zesty chicken pickle to complete the Andhra food experience!