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10 Alcohol Infused Cake Recipes For A Boozy Sunday Brunch


What’s better than a delicious Sunday brunch? Why, a Sunday brunch that is rounded off with a magnificent, boozy dessert, of course! Here are some alcohol infused cakes that will make that Sunday nap even more relaxing.

Mango Banana Rum Upside Down Cake

This delicious tropical cake is elevated with a dash of rum.

Chocolate Guinness Cake  

Even if it’s not St Patty’s Day, no one can ever resist a chocolate cake infused with Guinness.

Irish Whiskey Mocha Meringue  

While this is not exactly a cake, we just couldn’t resist sharing the recipe we found with you!

Bourbon Chocolate Cake

Bourbon tastes good in a glass, but even better in a cake!

Apple Rum Cake With Rum Sauce

It’s always apple season, and this rum sauce will make this cake taste delightfully decadent!

Gin and Tonic Cake

Take your favourite cocktail and put it in a cake;  what’s not to like?

Mojito Cake

Mojitos are marvellously sweet cocktails, so it makes sense that it would taste great in a cake!

Tiramisu Cake  

A dash of rum elevates this creamy tiramisu cake to another level.

Guinness Golden Ale Cheesecake

 A Guinness infused cheesecake from the Guinness plant itself!

Chocolate Kalhua Honey Cakes  

Kalhua is such a beautifully rich liqueur on its own; so imagine how decadent it would be when mixed with chocolate and honey and baked to perfection!